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Probably no building associated with our family has more historical activity than that owned and operated as early as 1755 by Casparus Mabie as a public inn at Tappan, New York.

General George Washington and many of his officers had been accommodated at this stone tavern during the war of 1775-1783 between the colonies and the British forces. It was also the first stop of the stage coach after being taken across the Hudson River by barge on the five day trip to Albany.

It was in this inn that Major Andre, a highly respected officer of the British forces was detained under house arrest after having fallen into the hands of three colonial militiamen. The Major had been in contact and plotted for the overthrow of West Point with the American General Bendict Arnold who after betraying his command had fled the country. The Major Andre trial had been held across the street from the tavern in the old Dutch church where sentence of death by hanging was pronounced, to be carried out on October 1st, 1780 but a delay occurred and the execution took place in a field behind the inn on October 2nd.

The complete story of the conspiracy is described in a book "Rebels and Rulists" by Sheer and Rankin.

Casper Mabie ran a well organized Inn as you can Judge by his rules which were as follows:

      The rate was 4 pence per night, 6 pence for supper

      No more than five in one bed

      No boots to be worn in bed

      Organ Grinder to sleep in the wash room

      No dogs allowed upstairs

      No rum in the kitchen

      No razor grinders or tinkers taken in

Casparus Mabie was born 1716, the son of Peter Mabie and Catalinta Bogart, one of 12 children.

In later years the Inn was transferred to Yoast, his brother, and was known as Yoast Mabie Tavern.

It is now called "76 House", a fine restaurant operated by Mr. Russell Killoran. The state of preservation both outwardly and in various rooms, complete with a heritage of the past, has been maintained. It is at the western end of the Tappan Zee bridge over the Hudson River from New York.


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- shows Robert C.C Norden as Tavernkeeper as of November 26, 2020 and the "About" page on this web site has extensive information about the building's history.


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