August, 2005 - Ana & Vicenta visit Ontario, Canada


Following are pictures taken during Ana and Vicenta's visit with Elida, Ana Maria and Carlos

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  At Gladys' home in Bolton - Ana, Derek and Gladys




These pictures were taken at Niagara Falls...

  Ana Maria, Elida, Ana, Vicenta and Gladys




  Vicenta and Gladys




  Gladys and Dan




  Vicenta and Gladys




  Elida, Ana, Vicenta and Gladys




These pictures were taken in Ottawa visiting with Claudio...

  Ana Maria, Ana, Vicenta and Elida at Claudio's Apartment




  Vicenta and Ana at Claudio's Apartment




  Claudio, Carlos and Dan at Claudio's apartment enjoying refreshments




  Gladys, Claudio, Vicenta, Ana and Elida at Dow's Lake




  Vicenta, Elida and Ana




  Dan tries to make 3 ducks believe he really has food for them at Dow's Lake




  Ana, Claudio, Ana Maria, Vicenta, Elida and Gladys in front of the Parliament Buildings




  Chateau Laurier Hotel near the Parliament Buildings




  Rideau Canal Locks beside the Parliament Buildings




  Parliament Buildings




  Overlook Hull Quebec from the Parliament Buildings




  Ana and Ana Maria try to join a parade near the Parliament Buildings




  Gladys and Ana try to break into the Parliament Buildings




  Ana Marie tries to tame a Squirrel with French Fries




  Gladys and Dan




  Elida, Vicenta and Carlos




  Ana Maria and Dan at Pink Lake in Gatineau Park (although it really appeared to be green)




  Dan and Gladys at Pink Lake in Gatineau Park




  Meech Lake in Gatineau Park




  Gladys in forest in Gatineau Park




These pictures were taken at a cottage in Kearney (near Algonquin Park)...

  Magnet tries to make sure Carlos and Ana are okay, so far from shore




  Vicenta, Ana and Elida in the kitchen preparing more food!




For more information regarding these pictures, please email Gladys...

This page updated August 25th, 2005.