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Photocopy hard to read- no guarantees on accuracy and obvious differing spellings have been left alone.

Our Family Origin

The genealogical record of the major number of families with spellings such as Mabie, Maybee, Mabee, Mabey, Maybe. And Maybie originated our early progenitor Seigneur Pierre Mabille, a Hugenot with a heritage centered in the village of Nevi, ads early as 1518, close by the city of Angers, in the province of Anjou, in France.

In the year 1572, as a result of the religious war in France, our ancestors took refuge in Holland, settling in the town of Naarden with his family. This and history has given us the name of his grandson, Pierre Gaspard Mabille, young active adventurer who in 1621 signed the Leydon Petition, a document asking for a ship to take them to the new English colonies, this was unproductive, but in 1623 the Dutch made a ship available, sailing to their new colony which today is New York City.

As refugees, conditions required that on arriving in Holland a different identity was necessary and the name of Van Nardeen was selected, later in “New York’s History” by Vallentine, we find a number of items where Pieter Casparszen Van Naerden are mentioned, he being the now mature grandson who as a result of a first marriage gives us the Jan Mabie family descendants of Roterdam Jct. in upper New York and by a second Marriage we find the equally large family associated with 22 Marketfield St. at the corner of Broad street in lower Manhattan. On Jan 13,1657 for a sum of 25 guilders he was accessed as a small burger, a few days earlier Peter Stuyvesant had been recorded a great burger for the payment of 50 guilders and were therefore citizens of the town.

In the 1660 period, our family re-established their French origin and took the Anglicized form Mabie from the original Mabille name; the other form came into use later for many reasons, however it should be noted that the Huguenot Monument at the waterfront in New Rochelle, New York still stands bearing the family name of Mabille.

As our family grew and spread, a major incident came in the was of 1775 between the colonies and their motherland England, this resulted in a division in many homes, with brothers taking opposing sides, with the signing of the peace agreement at the end of the conflict in 1783 those on the colony side went to their homes while those now known as Loyalists went to a new way of life, settling on Land Grants in New Brunswick and Ontario in Canada.

It continues to be our endeavor to consolidate into one combined record all the descendants of our original heritage and its success depends on still further research as more complete lineage charts develop.

In most every family of the various spellings, it will be of interest to note that the above shown family shield is their birthright, the colours of the three castles and the chevron are in gold, on a blue background.

This is a very brief resume which may be of assistance in an explanation of our family tradition to our younger generations.


Royal A. Mabee