Bert Mabee

This is minor version of ancestor chart starting from the Father & Mother of my Grandparents Bert and Ethel Mabee.
Some of the older dates are missing.
For relatives still living, dates have been purposely redacted due to privacy concerns.

Daniel Mabee - born Mar 16,1845 - died Mar dd,1925 - married Mary Ann Hall - born mmm dd,1861 - died Jan dd,1939
-Bert son of Daniel Mabee - born mmm dd,yyyy - died Mar 15,1972 - married Ethel Palmer - born mmm dd,yyyy - died Sep 5,1991
--Estella (Stella) May Mabee - born Feb 22,1920 - died May 8,2010 - married Elvin Palmer
--Daniel Royce Betram Mabee - born May 10,1923 - died Aug 31,2011 - married Ruth Marie Atchison - born Oct dd,1926
---Daniel Douglas Mabee - born Mar dd,1946 - married Gladys Esther Caliri - born Nov dd,1949
----Derek Lockerbie (stepson)- born Apr dd,1980 - married Amanda Clarke
-----Aabawaasegai Clarke (fosterchild)- born Apr dd,2018 (GRANDDAUGHTER for Gladys & Dan)
-----Leah Carolyn Lockerbie - born Aug dd,2019 (GRANDDAUGHTER for Gladys & Dan)
----Justin Lockerbie (stepson)- born Apr dd,1983 - married Courtney Cote
-----Nevaeh Maria Elida Lockerbie - born Feb dd,2015 (GRANDDAUGHTER for Gladys & Dan)
-----Mila Mary Adrienne Lockerbie - born Nov dd,2018 (GRANDDAUGHTER for Gladys & Dan)
---Dale Marie Mabee - born Nov 10,1947 - died Jul 26,2019 - married Douglas DeCarle - born Nov dd,1949
----Tammy DeCarle - born Sep dd,1973 - married Ed Bier
-----Jaden Bier - born Jun dd,2000
-----Haleigh Bier - born May dd,2003
----Jennie DeCarle - born May dd,1975
--Clifford Mabee - born Apr 27,1927 - married Glenice Evelyn Irene Harrison - died Sep 3,2019
--Kenneth Mabee - born Jun 9,1931 - died Aug 1,2009 - married to Ailene Broad

Picture attached is undated and the notes on it are: "Daniel Mabee and Mary Ann Hall"

Ruth and Royce Mabee received it April 27, 1997

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 Bert Mabee's parents; Grandparents to Stella, Royce, Clifford and Kenneth

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